Shadow art using digital technology by Toshiyuki Inoko from "team lab", meets truly talented stage actor Taichi Saotome.

This movie is part of a scene called "Ryu to Botan"(Dragon and Peony), a sword fight using the latest digital technology.
The performance synchronizing the digital work and Taichi's skilled technique is amazing.

Taichi Saotome was born in Fukuoka, Kyushu. His father is the head of a theatre troupe, and Taichi grew up within this troupe. His first act was in a film called "Zatoichi", directed by Takeshi Kitano in 2003. 

Making full use of visual effects, you can't take your eye off what's coming next from the highly innovated "team lab". 

team lab> http://www.team-lab.com/
Taichi Saotome> http://www.saotometaichi.com/

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