Announcing the "X Design eXhibition 2011"

"X Design eXhibition 2011"

【 date 】
Saturday 7th / Sunday 8th May, 2011
【 hall 】
Tokyo design center "Galleria hall"
(admission free)
【 web 】http://xd.sfc.keio.ac.jp/exhibition2011/

A brief introduction of the exhibition:
The "X Design eXhibition", an annual event which first started in March 2009, is a joint presentation by the laboratories participating in the XD programs.

The XD programs includes multidisciplinary design studies, in fields such as music, videos, products, media-art,interface, robototics etc. Students influence each other beyond the boundaries of the individual areas creating design synergies.

The theme for this year is "Joint". We have gathered many students works and achievements for the exhibition. We have invited leading creators and prepared discussion-sessions within the event.

An example is shown in the following link, "Flagella" created by Shunji Yamanaka, from the "Honetenn". (Unfortunately not on display at XD.)

【Guest speaker sessions】
1) 7th May  …Details coming soon.
2) 8th May  … 
【guests】Ryouta Kuwakubo(Media-artist) × Kinya Tagawa (Design engineer)×Shunji Yamanaka(Professor at Keio)"
【hall】Tokyo design center "Galleria hall"

We sincerely look forward to welcoming you to our exhibition.

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