1984, a year before Jobs was kicked out of Apple, he pulled out the Machintosh from his bag and the FD out his pocket. (Video)

Here is a video of the press conference unveiling the Macintosh in 1984, young Jobs was 29. This was one year before Jobs was kicked out of Apple. He takes out a floppy-disk out his pocket and inserts it in the mac, and there was clapping and cheering when the black and white letters "Macintosh" was shown.

Let me explain the background of this scene where he takes out the Macintosh out the bag, and the FD out his pocket. Jobs didn't like the eject button on the floppy-drive, so he introduced auto eject. He claimed it has to be the size of a phone book, and proposed it to be 30cm squared. No doubt the staff had difficulty making it small enough for Jobs to  be able to take it out his bag, but made it in time for January 1984. Unfortunately Jobs mis-predicted the demands, and made it go in the reds for the first time ever in Apple's history. This led Steve Jobs to leave Apple in 1985.


At first sight, it may seem like a black and white sketch, but it's actually made out of nails. A very delicate piece of art.

Starting from one end of the campus, Marcus Levine hammers the nails, free-hand. Once you nail it, there's no adjustments.

It's interesting how the pictures expression changes by the light.

Marcus Levinehttp://www.levine-art.co.uk/


Futurist Alvin Toffler predicts 40 changes within the coming 40 years.

Everyone wants to know what it'll be like in the future. Alvin Toffler as known as "Futurist" or "Big thinker" answers to such questions. The research he made is called "40 FOR THE NEXT 40". In the research It says the era will shift from Post-modern to Ultra-modern. The subject for Google was 'data', whereas the subject for Facebook has been 'People'. Facebook has the potential to be the infrastructure, just like our gas and electricity. Companies will increase their values by making themselves "connectors", and they'll continue to be companies like 'Apple'. In other words, instead of creating products, companies will host the markets, and earn money by connecting producers with consumers.

The movie below called 'Big Thinkers - Alvin Toffler [Futurist] (1 of 3)' is different to "40 FOR THE NEXT 40" above, but shows us how future was thought of in the nostalgic past.

You can read "40 FOR THE NEXT 40" from the link below:


Photographer Nick Night creates extremely beautiful pictures and videos. What has he been inspired by?

Photographer Nick Night is explaining how the displays of the Natural History Museum has inspired him in his works.

SHOWstudio.com: Nick Knight shoots Lady Gaga for Vanity Fair

His photos and films are extremely beautiful. Recently I am truly interested in what the creators were inspired by. 

Nick Knight discusses how he has been inspired by the collections of the Natural History Museum & V&A.

Lady Gaga above was also made by Nick Night.


The time in the movie proceeds with the current time. By watching this different world through the screen, it makes us be aware of our real world.

"The Clock" by Christian Marclay is currently exhibited at the Venice Biennale. This work is made by joining parts of  clocks and watches from different films. And they correspond with the real time, making it a  24 hour video.

This film was made after two years of work by Christian Marclay. The real-time and the times in the movie proceeds together. By watching a different world through the screen, it makes us be aware of our real world.

Movies from all over the world, including Hollywood films and independent-Asian films can be seen in this piece of work. It awakes personal memories, making different times overlap; the past time, current time and the time seen in the movie.
In some scenes, the same actor can be seen more than once, but filmed in different years. You can't watch this without considering "Time".

This work will be exhibited at the Yokohama Triennale.



A complete over view of NS_CONCEPT exhibition. I hope it'll make you feel that you came to the exhibition.

"NS_CONCEPT Exhibition " finished with great success. Thank you for all of you who participated. 
As a expression of gratitude , I would like to share a video of what it was like, especially for those who did not make it to the exhibition.

This exhibition brought together many creative artists, focusing on concepter Naoki Sakai.
The design concept was, "The Permeation of Time".
A lot of the creators have been stimulated and inspired by my works.