1984, a year before Jobs was kicked out of Apple, he pulled out the Machintosh from his bag and the FD out his pocket. (Video)

Here is a video of the press conference unveiling the Macintosh in 1984, young Jobs was 29. This was one year before Jobs was kicked out of Apple. He takes out a floppy-disk out his pocket and inserts it in the mac, and there was clapping and cheering when the black and white letters "Macintosh" was shown.

Let me explain the background of this scene where he takes out the Macintosh out the bag, and the FD out his pocket. Jobs didn't like the eject button on the floppy-drive, so he introduced auto eject. He claimed it has to be the size of a phone book, and proposed it to be 30cm squared. No doubt the staff had difficulty making it small enough for Jobs to  be able to take it out his bag, but made it in time for January 1984. Unfortunately Jobs mis-predicted the demands, and made it go in the reds for the first time ever in Apple's history. This led Steve Jobs to leave Apple in 1985.

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