Futurist Alvin Toffler predicts 40 changes within the coming 40 years.

Everyone wants to know what it'll be like in the future. Alvin Toffler as known as "Futurist" or "Big thinker" answers to such questions. The research he made is called "40 FOR THE NEXT 40". In the research It says the era will shift from Post-modern to Ultra-modern. The subject for Google was 'data', whereas the subject for Facebook has been 'People'. Facebook has the potential to be the infrastructure, just like our gas and electricity. Companies will increase their values by making themselves "connectors", and they'll continue to be companies like 'Apple'. In other words, instead of creating products, companies will host the markets, and earn money by connecting producers with consumers.

The movie below called 'Big Thinkers - Alvin Toffler [Futurist] (1 of 3)' is different to "40 FOR THE NEXT 40" above, but shows us how future was thought of in the nostalgic past.

You can read "40 FOR THE NEXT 40" from the link below:

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