8 bit games have been loved all over the world for a long time. What makes them so attractive ?

A projection of a 8 bit family-computer game on a building. How many of the games and characters do you know in the short movie below?

Projection mapping with tribute to the old memorable 8bit games. Famous games and characters such as Mario, Pac-man, Space invader,and Bomberman are featured in the movie. The characters look interesting, even today. The collaboration of 8 bit games and projection mapping is quite unique. Thanks to Dark's Playground (graphic designer) who made this awesome work.



A robot made product named "Endless Chair" is thought out precisely, until the point where it gets destroyed and recycled.

Made by German designer, Dirk Vander Kooji. Everything that exists in the world is fraught with the potential that it will eventually get discarded and become trash.

DMY Award winner 2011: Dirk van der Kooij - Endless from robertanderson on Vimeo.

This product can be easily decomposed, and reused again, just like the cycle of reincarnation. The chairs and desks are made in approximately 3 hours, by melting plastic and making several layers out of it. This project was originally Dirk's thesis project.

Dirk Vander kooij>http://dirkvanderkooij.nl/


A Great Campaign made by Volkswagen in Stockholm. A lottery with a reward to car drivers who legally follow the speed limit when taken by the speed camera, raised through fined cars. Through this campaign, the average speed was reduced by 22 %.

The object of this campaign was to stop speeding violation.
Great idea, I wonder what kind of campaign it would be in Japan?

They try to make us follow regulation by using speed cameras in Japan too, but the idea of it is exactly the opposite.
It may be difficult trying to conquer problems with positive aspects like this one in Japan.

They managed to slow down the average speed by 22% through this campaign.



An interesting fashion show, while playing table tennis.

There has been many ways to express clothing in fashion show, such as hologram-based shows and 3D projection + mapping shows, but this one is quite new. Mathew Donaldson who posted this movie says  table tennis is a medium to show how elegant she and her clothes are.

Her name is Sooyeon Lee, a Korean table tennis champion, actress and former model.


Typography-art named "Worth a 1000 words", 1000 words make up a specific person or character.

The works were produced by graphic designer 'Doaly Doal'. The words and lines expressed by the characters make up the visual images shown above.
The 1000 words represents the characters pretty well.

powerful typography, words that make up a specific person or character.


Even if something is made with exactly the same design, by just changing the scale of it you can deliver a completely different impression. Fiddling with the size is just another method of "Anonymous Design".

A while back, in Soho (NYC) there was a store called "Think Big" where everything, pencils and rulers and other daily products, were sold "oversized". Sizes you would never have imagined of. In a similar vein, the Hudson Hotel designed by Starck has a humongous watering pot in the garden.

Naoto Fukazawa redesigned familiar clocks; seen in public places such as parks and stations, into watches and wall clocks. The large face and the simple shape allows the user to know the time in just one glance. The square watch was made from simply miniaturizing  the clock from the station, and the round watch similarly from the park clock.

On the other hand, there are many examples of designers increasing the size of something small. Here is an example of maximizing a key from a PC keyboard. Product designer, Ross Mcbride increased it to a size where you can sit on it as a chair, and called it "command sit". As you can see, it's not a 'Shift' key, but a 'Sit' key.


The trailer of the movie "Objectified" begins and ends with the CD player (inspired by a ventilation fan) by designer Naoto Fukazawa.

A documentary movie about product-designs and whats behind the scenes. Many designers have participated in the movie, including Jonathan Ive from Apple, Andrew Blauvelt, Marc Newson, Naoto Fukasawa, Karim Rashid  and many other famous designers.

The movie is already out in the States. The key to create the true world of what I call "personal fabrication" is in this movie. Many  designers start by thinking of the users needs, as well as the cost, they make trial products over and over again. They do everything thats needed to make whats called " A Physical Object". 
The film was directed by Gary Hustwit, who also filmed "Helvetica".