Even if something is made with exactly the same design, by just changing the scale of it you can deliver a completely different impression. Fiddling with the size is just another method of "Anonymous Design".

A while back, in Soho (NYC) there was a store called "Think Big" where everything, pencils and rulers and other daily products, were sold "oversized". Sizes you would never have imagined of. In a similar vein, the Hudson Hotel designed by Starck has a humongous watering pot in the garden.

Naoto Fukazawa redesigned familiar clocks; seen in public places such as parks and stations, into watches and wall clocks. The large face and the simple shape allows the user to know the time in just one glance. The square watch was made from simply miniaturizing  the clock from the station, and the round watch similarly from the park clock.

On the other hand, there are many examples of designers increasing the size of something small. Here is an example of maximizing a key from a PC keyboard. Product designer, Ross Mcbride increased it to a size where you can sit on it as a chair, and called it "command sit". As you can see, it's not a 'Shift' key, but a 'Sit' key.

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