A cell phone born to make the forests happy.

“TOUCH WOOD”, from Docomo.
I introduced this cell phone made of wood before when it was just a concept model (http://naokix.iza.ne.jp/blog/entry/1884340/), and now it’s on sale as a product from Sharp (SH-08C).

Made out of real Japanese Cypress wood (Hinoki), each product has a different look and texture from the natural grain of the wood. A beautiful phone, no two are identical.
Above is the promotion movie. What a beautiful work of art.

“Save the forests of Japan” is the message from Docomo’s official website.
If the forests are left completely to grow naturally by themselves it is not the best conditions for healthy trees. Part of replacing and replanting forests requires management and maintenance by forest workers. Thinning out the forests from time to time is necessary to promote healthy trees. Turning these thinned out trees into useful wood products could help develop a new business and at the same time help fund the forest management.

Docomo received many pre-sale orders for the “Touch Wood” cell phone and the first batch of phones were all sold out immediately upon its launch on 28th March. They haven’t announced when they will be available again but future batches are expected.
A portion of the sales revenue will be donated to forest protection.

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