I collected 44 years worth of my work and made a 4 part slideshow on YouTube. (WATER_DESIGN_PART 1/4 to PART 4/4) I hope you enjoy it.

I call myself a “Concepter”. It derives from something that Yoshiro Hosono; who works for Stardust Promotion, called me some time ago. I’m not a designer, not a director nor a producer. From the beginning the title stuck and it got used more and more, even though there is no clear definition of what a “Concepter” is.

Looking back to the days when I was just 19 years old and started attending Kyoto University of Arts, I just wanted to grow up and be an adult. That's why I got married, went over to the United States, and started up my own company in SanFrancisco, called TATOO COMPANY. This was the origin of WATER DESIGN. It’s been 44 years since those days. It may seem that I have done many things since, but I was only taking one step at a time and doing the things that interested me, and presented themselves to me at that moment in time.

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