“WOW” created an excellent movie to celebrate the 25th anniversary of MAXON, famous for 3DCG software such as “CINEMA 4D”and “BodyPaint 3D”.

Few days ago producer of “WOW” Atsunori Toshi visited my office. I have many occasions to get in touch with young creators like him, coming to my office for various reasons. I don't exactly know what I can do for them, but it's a pleasure that they come to me and are interested in what I am doing, or what I have done.

Anyhow, a movie to celebrate MAXON’s 25th anniversary is on You Tube. “WOW” has created high quality, stylish PV’s and movies in the past, and this one is excellent too. The movie is made using “CINEMA 4D”, MAXON’s software.

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