Exercise bike "Ciclotte" wouldn’t appear out of place in a design museum

Designs of exercise machines have changed a lot since the old days. Among them, I think this exercise bike named "Ciclotte" wouldn’t appear out of place in a design museum say in Milan. It is made by designer Luca Sccieppati. He re-designed a bike called "Ciclo"(which I unfortunately couldn't find a picture of…) also designed by him. I wouldn't be amazed if this "Ciclotte" becomes a permanent display at the design museum in Milan.

When you push the pedals the gears mesh with each other, like a mechanical watch, and makes 'the epicycloid crank' rotate the main wheel. (an 'epicycloid' is a plane curve produced tracing the path of a chosen point of a circle which rolls without slipping around a fixed circle)  This then generates a magnetic field under the users thigh.

I daily train a lot, and I have a bench press, some barbells and dumbbells in my living room, and it doesn't look so good. An exercise bike will probably be used say once a week or so, but I bet this highly designed "Ciclotte" will keep my room look stylish even when its not in use.

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