“NS_cane” extending its ability with digital technology, has the potential to become a partner replacing guide dogs. (Keio SFC XD Exhibition 2011)

“NS_cane” is Jointly developed by laboratories of Naoki Sakai, Yasuaki Kakehi and Jin Nakazawa from Keio University SFC. It combines various elements such as product design, sensor technology, programming, and the interactive media. Extending its ability with the digital technology, it has the potential to become a partner for the handicapped, replacing guide dogs. The project aims to promote interactions between people and urban space, or communication between people.

We are currently working on a few prototypes alongside. The prototype that will be on display at the exhibition is the model that allows spatial cognitions using infrared sensor. The stick senses the reflection of the infrared radiation, and alerts/navigates the user.

The image below is of last years XD Exhibition. This year’s model aims to represent the spatial cognitive functions, made by interactions between the “NS_cane” and space, light and sound. NS_cane will continue extending its ability, such as real-time interaction using GPS, or communication among multiple users of NS_cane.  It will be able to log the user's life, and interact with past data. It will keep on offering more experience using the Sensors (input devices) and actuator (output device).

【XD exhibition 2011 】
Schedule: May 7th,8th  11:00~19:00
Place: Tokyo Design Center “Galleria hall”
Price: Admission free
Web: http://xd.sfc.keio.ac.jp/exhibition2011/

【Guest speaker session】
Schedule: 8th May 14:00~15:30
Guests: Ryouta Kuwakubo(Media-artist) × Kinya Tagawa (Design engineer)×Shunji Yamanaka(Professor at Keio)"

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