The global average age of 2010 is 29.1 years old, that is 26 years lower than the average of Japan; 45.1 years old.

On my way to Kansai on the Shinkansen, I happened to come across a magazine called WEDGE edited by Satoru Maeda, and read an article named "courses of electronics". If I were to summarize the article, it was about the average age of Japan (45.1) much higher compared to the global average (29.1). In the 80's, the average age of Japan was 32.5 years old.

The average age of Japan has risen, in the 90's - 37.7 years old, and 00's 41.5 years old. Since then, Japanese companies stopped producing new things, and started to follow things/products from the United States.

Looking at the average age of America, it did enter in its 30s in the 1980, but has kept it there.  It is predicted that it won't plunge in its 40s until 2040. Windows, Apple, YouTube, Skype, Twitter ,Facebook, the producive markets all started from the States.

How about Korea? THey entered in there 30s in the 00'S, but still there even today (average age 37.9 in '10). And of course China is right behind. Would it be the States that will win the race?

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